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We don’t just visualize objects in VR, we create VR for living!

Our mission
We take the key pillars of your life – Homes, Health & Business – and harness VR to make you happier.

How it works
We collaborate with top experts to formulate a revolutionary sales methodology based on human behavior and unique business domain features.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and driven by Big Data analytics, our solutions enable you to identify your customers’ preferences & desires, and thus help to understand them better.

We build multi-sensory experience that engages the audience on a level that no one else does to deliver unrivalled emotions.

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Who we are

We are Future Technologies, an international Dubai-based company specializing in virtual and augmented reality for business and society.

Our Recipe For Success

We work on symbiosis of technological expertise in architecture, business, psychology, VR & AR, sales & marketing.

Deliver Globally

Having offices in Belarus, United Kingdom, Austria and Australia, we are ready to provide our products for both SMEs and large enterprises across various industrial domains.

Our Vision

VR is an incredibly effective tool for sales.

Recognizing the importance of competition in any business, we are doing our best to make the experience of your customers unique and unforgettable.

What You Get

More customers

You will get an effective and brand new sales & marketing tool which is easy to use and hard to overestimate.

Value to your Brand

You will attract more attention to your brand by making it associated with innovative technologies, luxury hi-tech lifestyle and modern thinking.

Leave Competitors Behind

Do your rivals use VR in their business processes? Be the first one to use innovative technologies as the strongest tool to leave them behind.

Extra Time & Features

We are ready to give you 100 men-hours for free or provide you with free small features implementation.

Personal Consultation

All cases are different, so we properly analyse all the details and materials you provide us. Get your expert estimation on how VR can contribute to your business for free!

Promo Materials

All promo materials including 3D renders and promo videos you will get for free!


VR for Healthcare

Do you know that we know how to make your children not cry and feel happy while visiting doctors? Are you wondering what the secret is?.. It’s easy, just like putting a VR helmet on your head!

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Still have no idea how VR can help your business? We have some!

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