VR for HSE: Gas Station

The problem

The Client was searching for an efficienеt tool to train the fuel station operators in case of fire, because any mistake in real life is mission-critical.

The solution

  • Complex equipment training without a need to stop the manufacturing process;
  • Laboratory mock-ups and facilities costs reduction;
  • The User’s knowledge acquisition is increased by 2-4 time in comparison with typical coursework;
  • Ensures safety of operations within the company and saves not only company’s assets but also human lives.

The description

Emergency procedures practice until they become automatic.
The system includes two modes of practice:

Training mode

Emergency simulation + virtual assistant (audio or video) which leads and instructs the User across all the levels. The conditioned reflex is fixed up.

Examination mode

Emergency simulation + test results accumulated in the database.

– Unreal Engine 4
– 3DS Max

– Project manager
– 2 Level designer
– 3 Modelers

7 weeks