Luxury residential complex Baisanat. Every detail of the exterior and interior is visualized in VR.

The problem

Our Client was looking for a highly-effective and creative tool to present their project (residential area “Baisanat”) to the investors.

The solution

  • We added dynamic models of cars and people to enhance the emotional attachment and realism.
  • There’s a user-friendly menu that allows to place a user to the most attractive observation scenes.
  • The system gives a possibility of an independent tour across all the district with the help of an integrated virtual guide.

The description

The project was developed for one of the largest —Āonstruction companies in Kazakhstan with the aim to re-create the exterior and interior part with a highly-detailed view.

– Unreal Engine 4
– 3DS Max

– Level designer
– Project manager
– 5 Modelers
– Mechanical designer

– 2 months