VR for Healthcare

The problem

Kids usually experience enormous stress and anxiety while being vaccinated, and this emotional instability makes the procedure even more complicated for everyone, including parents, doctors and children themselves.

The solution

We use VR as a non-pharmacologic form of analgesia which side-tracks kids’ attention to an amusing story and funny actions, thus defeat any fear complex.

The description

To distract the kids from the fear of injection, we offer to immerse them into Virtual Reality before the procedure starts. With a VR headset on, a child can see a colorful world with fabulous sceneries and creatures that catches his imagination. Unlike many popular VR applications, our solution has no elements and techniques affecting.

Project info

Operating system: Android
Localization: any language

– Unreal Engine 4
– 3DS Max

– Project manager
– Level designer
– Modeler

– 3 weeks duration